Tuesday, July 02, 2019

My travel agent links

If you get a craving to book a trip to the Caribbean or Hawaii in the middle of the night and it just can't wait... or you know exactly what you want and don't really need the services of a travel agent but would like my name on the reservation in case you have questions..
these links are for you..

To book for Mexico or the Caribbean use this link: http://www.funjet.com/index.asp?plcode=45613DC

To book Hawaii or South Pacific use this link: https://res.blueskytours.globalbookingsolutions.com/search/default.aspx?plcode=45613DCT

If you use these to book your trip I will be the agent on record and can help you with any questions you have.
Questions - shileen@3dcruiseandtravel.com

We're going to be grandparents!!!!

Finally! We are so excited for Jordan and Michael. They are due to have a little boy on December 4th!

Thursday, March 21, 2019


Wellll, Hannah graduated and is still working in College Station. I "retired" from K2F and am now a Travel Agent!!!
My specialty is Hawaii and Cruises to Alaska. (But I can help you with most anything.) I am located in the Austin, Tx area, specifically Cedar Park, but I can meet up with you anywhere or work with you strictly online!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Oh my gosh..

It's been like 9 months. WHY? I have no idea. Hannah has had a great first year at A&M. She adjusted just fine and we actually did too. It's weird being an empty nester but we have stayed busy. I am now at the office (Key2Free) full time. Oh, we opened an office in Georgetown!

So I actually go to work every day and funny enough, Josh works from home most days in his pub. Yes, he built a pub in our old game room. It's actually pretty cool. He named it the Crowned Elizabeth and it has lots of cool English pub decor and a booth he built, along with a bar he modified. We also built a really cool deck out back, and we use it all the time. It's like a cool patio restaurant with a fountain and pergola and cool lights. We absolutely love it.

In other news Hannah met a boy last September. They are still together and it's looking pretty serious. His name is Javi, he grew up in El Salvador, and he's a junior Senior aerospace engineering major at A&M. They met in the ballroom dance club that she joined. Oh yeah, she is a ballroom dancer now, who knew. She tried out for the team for fun and made it! They have been pretty much inseparable since they met. We have allowed her to bring him home on multiple weekends and holidays and even on our spring break trip so we can get to know him. I absolutely adore him. I really love how good he is with her. He handles her ups and downs and freak outs with ease. :-)

I promise to keep this more updated. We just moved Hannah home for the summer, she's going to intern with us at Key2Free for the next 3 months!!

Tuesday, July 05, 2016


Our visit was so much fun. Even for a Longhorn. Just one night in that city converts you. All the "Howdy's" and "Gig-em's" and friendly smiles start to invade your pores and you end up just handing over your credit card and go home with more maroon than you could imagine. Hannah loves it there. I really think she's gonna be very happy there the next 2 years, and I will look for any opportunity to get back.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

So much..

In the last month Erin got married, Jordan graduated from college, I had an Amazing Race (Mothers Day edition) and I went to Africa! I haven't had a chance to reflect or process all that has occurred because things have been so crazy. And things aren't letting up. We have to take Hannah to new student orientation at A&M in the next two weeks and then we're headed back overseas to England and Ireland in July!
Here are a few highlight pics from this last month: